Casinos That Have Invested in Green Energy

The need to go green is an idea whose time has come. Back in time, profit and sustainability were perceived to be mutually exclusive. Things have since changed especially in the energy sector where you can get all these benefits at the same time by embracing green energy.

As most people realize the need to preserve the environment, the idea of going green is no longer confined to specific areas of the economy. Casinos too have embraced green energy technologies. Major players in the gambling industry especially those located around have committed themselves towards raising green energy generation standards to 50% by 20130. Online casinos also draw in players and are more green than in person casinos and do so by offering things like free spins no deposit and bonuses.

3 casinos that have invested in green energy

The Rincon Casino

Like most casinos, the Rincon casino makes a significant contribution towards the realization of a green future. This casino derives its power from a solar panel farm near it. The California solar initiative and the casino half funded this solar farm. This project was valued at $8 million, which makes it one of the most substantial investments in solar energy made by a private entity. This investment is expected to offer significant energy savings in future.

MGM resort and casinos

Картинки по запросу MGM resorts and casinos

MGM international owns a considerable number of casinos in Las Vegas. This company has made significant contributions to renewable energy in recent years in attempts to preserve our energy reserves. This company is among the many casinos driving an evolution in the worlds energy mix as they turn to cleaner sources of energy. In 2016, this company installed the largest rooftop solar array, which will supplement close to a quarter of its peak energy demands.

Monte Carlo resort and casino

The Monte Carlo resort and casino has made their presence felt when it comes conservation and sustainability. It has thus anchored in operations on responsible practices like installation of energy efficient. In 2014, Monte Carlo was among the hotel/casino companies that installed 21,000 solar panels on the Mandalay bays convection center.