The Future of Green Energy

Green energy is poised to be the game changer at a time when the world is so depended on fossil fuels. Thanks to notable developments in this industry, the full-fledged switch to green energy is imminent, and it is only a matter of time before renewable energy choices like geothermal, solar, and wind dominate global energy charts.

The impacts of green energy revolutions

Reduced coal energy generation

Seven European countries have made their intentions known about their commitment to ending coal electricity by 2030. Meanwhile, the UN climate change summit also saw 19 nations commit towards phasing out coal. Thanks to policies on carbon pricing and carbon credits, these commitments will undoubtedly play a huge role in the transition to green energy sources. Even better, major industrial players are also showing their commitment towards decarbonization by setting green targets.

Shift to renewables

Картинки по запросу Shift to renewables

As the shift from coal electricity generations gains momentum, some coal, oil and gas companies will soon be moving away from traditional power generation assets and instead embrace green energy developments. A good example of a company in the UK that has withdrawn is financial backing on coal and has shown interest in biomass and other renewables is Drax Power, which produces close to 8% of electricity in the UK grid. This is enough evidence that the desire and commitment to go green is on track.

More investments in offshore wind energy generation

The UK alone produces more than 5 GW from their offshore wind farms. This source of green energy is expected to grow even further with the current generation volumes expected to double by 2020 in the UK. Other European nations like Germany have shown their commitments towards offshore wind generation as well.

It is now clear that the current energy system will be faced out by a technological revolution akin to that in the telecommunication industry in recent years. However, we also need political goodwill for a greener future.