Future of Green Energy

Green or renewable energy has many benefits to offer. Green energy technologies are rapidly evolving and are expected to raise the bar even higher in future. With increased enthusiasm, both private developers and governments are turning to better technologies in attempts to achieve sustainable renewable energy. Developments in power generation aimed at getting the best out of existing green power generation methods promise to change the energy industry in future.

Future discoveries in green energy

Fuel cell

Картинки по запросу Fuel cell

Established truck manufacturers like UPS, Kenworth, and Toyota, have shown their commitment towards the development of the fuel cell, which will allow cars to run on hydrogen and oxygen, thus releasing heat and water. As much as modern hydrogen production relies on fossil fuels, the process could soon be powered by green energy. This will make fuel-cell vehicles cleaner alternatives over current trucking solutions.

Development of tidal turbines

Tidal turbines are expected to be the next big thing in green energy. This green energy initiative is yet to make significant progress considering that it faces real objection from fishers and mariners. The good thing is that technologists are looking for better ways of tapping into tidal energy. It is expected that future tidal turbines will allow portability, and have impermanence that will appease those against it.

Space-based solar power

It is intriguing to think about the possibility of harnessing solar energy from space and bringing it down here. There is no existing method for doing this, but with innovations like wireless smartphone chargers coming about, there is a chance of having space-based solar panels in future – Interesting!

As the global energy demands get to record highs, and the climate change effects intensify, the only hope the world has is green energy. Existing renewable energy resources are expected to inject a considerable amount of power into the grid. Future innovations like the ones highlighted above are poised to offer a massive boost in green energy.